25 April 2023

Coronation of King Charles III

Coronation of King Charles III

Across the rich history of British coronations, running from 1066 up to the present day, these historic events have been celebrated. William the Conqueror, who is largely recognised as the first king of England, was crowned on Christmas Day, 1066, with major celebrations up and down the country and cake almost definitely being shared. Since then, coronation celebrations have only become more lavish, extended and renowned, with each new ascension to the throne carrying a heightened anticipation and significance.


Surprisingly to some, there is no set tradition for a Coronation Cake, as styles and methods of baking have differed greatly across the thirty-nine coronations that have taken place in Westminster Abbey. Originally, cakes were not too dissimilar from bread, other than being rounder and slightly sweeter. It wasn’t until the renaissance, during the final rules of the Plantagenet dynasty and the start of the Tudor dynasty, in England, that sponge cakes began to evolve. 


Although cakes themselves have seen many changes over the years, the coronation ceremony has remained largely the same for the past millennium. Here at Little Venice Cake Company - in UK, UAE and around the world, we wish Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla, a long and fruitful reign - and may many celebration cakes be consumed in their honour!  

We will be including CORONATION SPECIALS in our Atelier in Dubai at Atlantis The Royal from 1st - 15th May for everyone to share and enjoy:

Coronation Carrot Cake with orange cream cheese frosting

Coronation Date Cake with rose, pistachio and gold leaf crust

Coronation Crown Cake - individual chocolate and salted caramel cake with hand piped decoration and gold crown

Strawberry Royale cake with luscious lemon cake, strawberry compote and strawberry Swiss meringue