18 March 2023

Mothers' Day Delights

Mothers Day Delights

Mothering Sunday, or Mothers’ Day as it is more commonly referred to, is a celebration deeply rooted in historical religious events. Stemming from the medieval practice of girls in domestic service being allowed home to visit one’s mother on Laetare Sunday – the fourth Sunday of Lent, Mothers’ Day has since transformed into a staple of many cultures worldwide.

Cakes often make an appearance during Mothers’ Day.  Typically spring and fresh colours, such as pink or lilac, can make a lasting impact on the lucky (and of course very deserving!) recipient. 


The entrance of celebration cakes into the Mothers’ Day norm, has only really appeared over the last decade or so. Mothers’ Day, after traditionally being heralded as a more personal, private and familial affair, has now propelled itself into the spotlight, and now rests firmly alongside popular holidays such as Hallowe’en and Easter. As such, the inclusion (and innate need) for cake on Mothers’ Day, is very much deserved. 


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